[Endless Love necklace]…… Fantasy-class equipment. Under Zeanosu’s special conditions the only way in the world to get one is to defeat him. A Pink colored jewel with the form of a heart which is called the “Love jewel”, or “Love Heart”, which has been said to be a jewel of legend. The silver from the chain part is a special silver called Sawden silver that is said to be only in legends. It has the effect of both copy silver and Sawden silver. The copy silver and Sawden silver effect synergy, the first owner has to divide the necklace and give it to a loved person. The persons that have this necklace, even when they are far apart can use the ability called “Sense talk”, no matter where they are they can contact each other. The effect of “love heart” can multiply your stats for every person wearing the same necklace.

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